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A Quick Introduction to Portable Air Conditioners

You probably know about wall-mounted air conditioners and central air conditioning, but have you ever come across portable air conditioners?

The portable air conditioner is a trendy home appliance that has seen a bit of its popularity rise lately, and it’s a trend that probably won’t let up anytime soon, especially once the scorching days of the summer season comes upon us. When the possibility of experiencing heat exhaustion or worse, a heat stroke feels all too real, the portable air conditioner comes to the rescue.

But what exactly is a portable air conditioner? To get low-down on this trendy home appliance, read on to learn more.

Portable Air Conditioners: An Overview

As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner is a unique cooling solution that is self-contained and can, therefore, be moved around to cool different spaces, one at a time.

The portable air conditioner usually has the capacity to cool single rooms and can be placed on the floor anywhere in the space of the room you want to cool. It can easily be set up to start working almost immediately upon purchase.

To add to its mobility, a lot of portable air conditioner models have wheels installed for easier transport from room to room.

Why Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner?

Whether or not a portable air conditioner is ideal for your home depends on your cooling requirements and living situation.

If you live in a modest condominium or apartment with limited floor space, or if you live in a house with multiple small rooms, the portable air conditioner might be a quick and hassle-free cooling solution you can choose to battle the heat of the summer with.

Additionally, if you live in an area that only requires an air conditioner during the peak of the summer season, you might not need to commit to a traditional air conditioner and opt for a portable one.  

One of the best things about a portable air conditioner is that it doesn’t require commitment the way a traditional air conditioner does. It requires little to no setup required upon purchase, so you’ll be saving on the air conditioner installation fees you’ll usually have to shell out extra for when it comes to buying a conventional air conditioner.

Why Shouldn’t Your Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner?

If you are looking to cool a rather large space in your home, a portable air conditioner is probably not an ideal option for you.

Additionally, if you live in an area where it is usually warm year-round, it might be a better option to invest in a more traditional air conditioner since you will most likely be using it throughout the year, instead of just during the summer months.

If you’re particularly concerned about clutter in your living space, a sizable home appliance like a portable air conditioner sitting in your living room might be an eyesore you wouldn’t want to live with. In which case, it would be better to opt for a wall-mounted air conditioner with a minimalist design that can allow it to blend with the walls, or central air conditioning.

Did You Know What Various Air Conditioner Smells Indicates? Find Out Now.

As a homeowner, you’d always love to enjoy the pleasant, friendly and cool air, thanks to your HVAC unit. However, if a bad odour is laced with the cold air, the warm refreshing sensation is always ruined. If your AC system starts to smell unpleasant, then definitely it is time to examine, find and eliminate the source of the odour. On most instances, the bad smell often comes from mould and mildew which accumulate as a result of condensation on the refrigerator coils, when there are leaks in the system. Also, small animals such as rats can get inside and die in the unit, creating a really intimidating odour. Certain smells are just irritating, but others can be problematic.

So today in this particular post, we are going to discuss the common types of AC vent odour, plus the appropriate procedure to undertake so as to eliminate it.

Decomposing garbage smell.

A dead animal is the most common cause of a rotting garbage smell. The animal might have found its way through the air ducts, died and begun to rot, releasing that smell f a rotten egg. Even though not that dangerous, you’ll still want to have an experienced cooling and heating technician to remove the decaying dead body as soon as possible.

The smell of a stinky foot.

A dirty, clogged AC system might produce a stinky foot odour. This is usually as a result of stagnant water which collects in your system and is not adequately drained away. A thorough cleaning by a technician should be appropriate to solve this particular problem.

Cigar smoke odour.

If you have a cigarette smoker in your home, the smoke fumes might get pulled into your HVAC system’s condenser coils. The smell permeates the coil, blasting that sort of an old cigarette smell into your house each time you turn on your unit. Cleaning the coil thoroughly can fix this particular issue.

Mildew smell.

This is perhaps the most common type of smell associated with AC unit and is often an indication that either fungus or mould has grown around your air conditioner. Of course, you understand that besides cooling the air inside your house, your air conditioner also eliminates excess moisture. When this moisture is not drained away properly, mould might start to grow particularly in places with lingering moisture. If you didn’t know, a dirty filter could lead to the smell of mildew to come from the supply registers. If you notice this type of smell, promptly hire a professional to clean your HVAC, and replace the filter.

Combustion smell.

As opposed to cigarette smell, an active burning odour could be an indication of a mechanical issue with your AC compressor or fan. You should turn off the HVAC unit and examine it if you notice this particular smell. This is a serious problem, and you should contact an HVAC professional right away to avoid incidences of fire.

Sewage odour.

The smell of sewage from your HVAC vent is an indication of more far-reaching problems. Typically, it indicates a ruptured sewer vent pipe, somewhere close to the ductwork. All it takes is a bit of methane gas from the backup to fill your home with a bad odour. Bearing in mind that methane is a hazardous gas, you should contact a qualified plumber without any delay.

Gunpowder smell.

A shorted out circuit fan motor or board might send out a gunpowder odour out of the supply registers when AC unit initially cycles on. This can be an indication of ageing parts, and you should contact your plumber for replacement parts.

Skunk smell.

This particular one might be as a result of a dead skunk, even though this is not very likely. A more probable cause could be a leaking gas. Methyl mercaptan from the gas leak, that smells in a similar manner to a skunk spray might be entering your ductwork. If this is the case, your entire home could be in great danger. Reach out to your HVAC technician plus your gas company as soon as possible.

Exhaust fumes.

An air conditioner is often powered by electricity, but not gas. However, bearing in mind that a few components, as well as the engine, contain fluids, the smell of exhaust fumes, can fill your entire home if these fluids leak out. To prevent a nasty situation from occurring, have your AC unit fixed as quick as possible.

The Bottom Line.

An air conditioner is an essential component of your home. Great care along with regular maintenance should be practised, so as to ensure their longevity. If your air conditioner smells like rotten eggs, skunk, sewage, gunpowder or any other type of smell discussed above, you clearly need an immediate air conditioning repair.


What Are The Advantages Of A Split System Air Conditioner Installation In Perth?

If you are to endure the temperamental Western Australia weather, you have to choose your air conditioning system wisely. Plus with the continually rising cost of living in Perth, you not only need a working conditioner but one that is also energy efficient. That’s where split system air conditioning in Perth comes in. This cooling and heating system offer both convenience and comfort. This is just one of the reasons they are steadily taking over the heating and cooling industry and replacing the relatively bulky central air cooling system

Here are the other convincing reasons you should consider installing a split system air conditioning system.


They are easy to install

The split systems are quite easy to install. Unlike their ducted counterparts that require to roof and floor work for the passage of ducts, most split systems are wall mounted. This means they only need a simple wall drill for attachment and they are ready. The ease of installation significantly reduces the initial investment associated with the cooling and heating system installation in Perth that hinders most households from embracing the HVAC technology.


Split systems are easy to control

HVAC installation might come as a relief to your household, but you won’t enjoy it if you can’t regulate it comfortably. How do you enjoy it if you have to keep walking to a control unit every time you have to adjust the room temperatures? This is however not the case with the split system conditioners that have are primarily remote controlled.

They offer you the convenience of raising and lowering the temperatures from the comfort of your seat or bed. These remotes are also elaborately designed and easy to use.


They offer convenience through technology

Of all the heating and cooling systems currently available, split systems have the highest levels of technology embracement. These systems are gradually being fitted with the smart home technology features that allow control over internet connections. Did you forget to switch off the system in the morning? That doesn’t have to wear you out for the day as you can now switch the heating system on and off from the office.

Most of these are also programmable. You, therefore, can set the system to turn on and off at specific times of the day, especially in the morning or evening. While the central cooling systems have tried adapting to the technological advancements, they aren’t close to reaching the level of sophistication applied to the current split systems.


Zoning capabilities

The split systems air conditioners draw their name from their ability to split different parts of household and thermo-regulate them accordingly. Unlike the central systems that maintain balanced temperatures throughout the house, the split systems take everybody’s needs into consideration by allowing them a chance to regulate the temperatures in their different rooms.

Additionally, the split system zoning capabilities help reduce energy consumption. With the split system, you can switch off the system to the unoccupied part of the house thereby saving on energy waste.



You want to save on energy with a system that is also technologically advanced to guarantee zoning capabilities. Then you only need a split system air conditioner installed to your home. You will not only benefit from all this convenience but also from the affordability it accords you with the relatively inexpensive installation.


The 4 Effective Things To Do To Keep Your Carpet Look Brand New

We all know that good quality carpets don’t come with a cheap price. Despite the price, we opt to get carpets for our home. It is because of its usefulness and the kind of difference it can make in every home. With that being said, we need to make sure that we can take care of the carpets to extend its life and usefulness. Here are the useful things that you can do to keep your carpet look brand new all the time.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Carpets can easily get all the dirt every time you step on it. It doesn’t matter how much you keep your house clean or even if you have no slippers policy inside your home, it can still acquire a lot of soil and dirt. You need to make sure you vacuum it regularly, even every day if you can.

2. Get professional services

Breckenridge, MN, April 15, 2009 -- A team of Small Business Administration (SBA) specialists finalizing their preparations as a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) opens for business. FEMA operates DRCs in areas affected by a disaster; these centers host multiple state and federal agencies to assist a community after a disaster. Mike Moore/FEMA

Other factors can affect the quality of your carpets. It is best if you will get the services of the professionals at least every twelve months. It is the best way that your carpets can maintain its texture and quality.

3. Don’t pull the snags

Over time, we can’t avoid that there will be some snags or sprouts on the carpets. Make sure that you will use scissors to cut them off rather than just pulling it off. Pulling off snags can cause more damage to your precious carpets.

4. Remove furniture dents

Carpets can be placed anywhere in the house. There are instances that we put heavy furniture on top of it, and it can create dents on the carpets. If that will be the case, the dents can be removed with the use of the edge of a coin.

Follow these useful methods, and you can be assured that your carpets will always look brand new.

The 3 Things You Need To Check Before Hiring A Home Services Company

If you are considering hiring a professional home services company to take care of your home, there are some things that you need to consider. You should think about all the valuables inside your home. What you want is to get the best services so make sure that you will not just jump into the first company you’ll see. Here are the things that you must check before hiring a home services company.

1. Credentials

It is the first thing that you will need to check. Put in mind that you cannot just entrust your home to a company that is not credible to do the job. Make sure to request a copy of the licenses and even the permits they need to operate. It will serve as your protection as the client and to get the guarantee that the people you will get are certified to do the job.

2. Reference

Ask for a couple of customers references from the company. Once you got it, do your job and call them. Ask about the kind of services the company provides and if they would recommend the firm to other people. It will give you the idea on how good they do their jobs.

3. Bargain deals

It is true that there are a lot of companies competing in this industry, so you have to be mindful about the bargaining deals that they make. The company that can offer you the lowest price for their services doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best in what they do. There are instances that we always get what we pay for. You need to check about the services that are inclusive of the given price so you would know if you got a good deal.

Make sure to check all these three things if you want to hire a professional home services company. Put in mind that you will trust them to take care of your home and you want nothing but the best services.

The 3 Best Tips That You Can Do Before Window Cleaners Arrive

One of the most difficult things to clean in a house are the windows most especially if it’s tall enough and can only be reached with tall ladders. If that is the case, you might be thinking of hiring professionals to do the job for you. It is a practical choice, but you have to make sure about the efficiency of the job. There is some stuff that you must do even before the cleaners arrive in your home.

Check it out.

1. Clean the blinds

No matter how clean the windows are, if you still have dirty screens, it’s going to be useless. The clean windows can easily get all the dirt from the blinds that you have. Before the cleaners arrive, you can have it cleaned by yourself or ask them if they can have it included in their services with an additional charge.

2. Ask about the other jobs

If you hire people to clean the windows, they will surely have all the equipment they need to reach the high places. Take this opportunity, so  you can also get the other things cleaned up in your homes like the chandeliers and the likes. Call them and ask about it if they can just add a little service fee for that.

3. Move the valuables

The reason you are getting the services of a cleaner is to make sure about the efficiency of the job. You also think that since they are professionals, the things in your home will be safe. Here’s the truth. No matter how credible and careful the people are, there are still some things that can happen accidentally. If you have any fragile items around the area that will be cleaned, make sure to move it out of the way and keep it secured.

Follow these pointers, so you can have your home cleaned in the best possible way. Aside from that, you can also make sure that all the things are safe from any accidents that may occur.