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5 Common Air Conditioning Problems That Should Be Left to The Experts

One of the greatest gifts of technology is the air conditioner. People living in hot and humid temperature can relate to this greatly. There is a huge use of air conditioners domestically and commercially 97 per cent of America uses some kind of air conditioner to keep it cool.

But like any other home appliance system, they require constant maintenance. The filter needs cleaning, the outdoor units needs cleaning. Sometimes they run out of gas(refrigerant) etc. Many of these problems are easily fixable. But there are a few problems that should be left to the experts.

  1. Refrigerant Leakage

The only reason behind a low refrigerant is the leakage. And refilling is not a solution. You need to contact an expert to find the leakage. The expert can fix it. And then you can go for a refill.

  1. The Frozen Coil

If you are an AC owner, you must have faced the problem of warm air coming out of the AC. Sometimes the refrigerant coil gets choked which causes problems with the air-conditioning. The reason behind is mostly the leakage of the refrigerant. One must wonder that the problem can be solved by just refilling the air conditioner with refrigerant. But the solution is not as simple as it sounds. The frozen coil should be left for an expert to handle

  1. Ice On Refrigerant Line

This problem is very common. Sometimes the coil inside the AC has ice on it. People think that wiping it would be the solution but no, this too should be left for an expert to handle. Because there can be many reasons behind it. This might be because of low refrigerant as well as the low pressure in the coil resulting in leakage of refrigerant, which forms vapors on the refrigerant line. Only an expert can figure it out.

  1. Water Coming Out Of The Air Outlet

Usually, this problem is caused by choking off the drainage pipe. Over the winter season, the pipe gets filled with dust and fungi because of standing water. This can be solved. But again, this problem too should be left for an expert to handle because, there is a huge possibility that the drainage pipe has been leaking inside your ACs inner unit, which also contains all the electrical components. So, before your ACs electrical components get watered contact an expert quickly.

  1. Pigeon Or Bird Nest

Birds love cool places. There is no way you can shoo away birds from your external AC unit. Bird nests and droppings cause not just noise in your AC but could gradually hamper the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. Copper is a very soft metal and when toxic bird droppings fall on it, the pipes weaken which leads to gas leakage. You can clean your AC yourself but you will need an expert to clean and handle the droppings that have fallen on copper pipes inside AC.

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Small repairs can be time-consuming to get done but they save you from costly and lengthy repairs. Focusing on hiring an expert to handle your air conditioners problem is because ACs are usually easy to repair. So, to save time and money people try to fix them themselves. Experts can more wisely handle these problems and save you from losing your AC completely.