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5 Myths about Aircon Repair Dispelled

Everything you hear may not be true, even in the case of air conditioning services. Some people may claim they know all about air conditioner repair, which knowingly or unknowingly may be myths. This is because there is so much misinformation around when it comes to air conditioning.

Myth no.1: You can cool your house faster by cranking the thermostat.

This is false as your AC does not work harder or overtime just by lowering the thermostat’s temperature. No matter what the temperature setting may be, it heats and cools the house at a set rate.

Myth no.2: You can save money and energy by switching the AC off while at work.

This is partially true as you can and actually do save money by switching off the air conditioner while at work. However, this can also make your air conditioner work harder when you once again switch it on.

A better option to save money and energy while you are away is to adjust the thermostat by 5-6 degrees before leaving in the mornings. This reduces the strain on your AC during the day so that it’s easier for the AC to cool your home at night when you need it the most.

Myth no.3: Air conditioner filters have to be changed annually.

This is again partially true as while it does help if you change your AC filters once a year, it’s recommended to change the filter once a month or at least every 3 months. This is especially important for houses with pets and people having allergies.

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Moreover, a dirty filter blocks or rather reduces air flow so that your AC ends up working harder to cool your home. This is a waste of energy and also strains your air conditioner.

Myth no. 4: Ceiling fans are more than enough to cool your home.

This is not true as ceiling fans to create a pleasing cooling effect to make you feel cool when it’s moving air touches your body. However, it does not help at cooling or reducing the room’s temperature. In fact, it’s a waste of energy keeping the fan on when no one is around.

On the contrary, it increases the room temperature as its motor produces heat which heats the air in the room. So while a good ceiling fan may help level the room temperature and cool air by circulating it, if there is no one under it to feel the breeze, keeping the fan on in an empty room only wastes energy and money.

Myth no.5: Air conditioners do not need annual maintenance.

False. Most people who have their air conditioner working well don’t think they require any annual maintenance. They think that there’s no need of spending money on an annual AC tune-up as long as their AC is running fine.

However, a tune-up may cost less than a hundred dollars while any repairs which occur in the long run may cost about $500 including labour fees! Moreover, manufacturers advise you routinely maintain your air conditioner to maintain its warranty. Skipping your annual tune-up may cost you your warranty and a large bill if your AC suddenly stops working on the season’s hottest day!

With these 5 myths debunked, you have a better understanding of the working of air conditioning engineering services in Sydney and will be able to use it much better!