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What Are The Advantages Of A Split System Air Conditioner Installation In Perth?

If you are to endure the temperamental Western Australia weather, you have to choose your air conditioning installation wisely. Plus with the continually rising cost of living in Perth, you not only need a working conditioner but one that is also energy efficient. That’s where split system air conditioning comes in. This cooling and heating system offers both convenience and comfort. This is just one of the reasons they are steadily taking over the heating and cooling industry and replacing the relatively bulky central air cooling system

Here are the other convincing reasons you should consider installing a split system air conditioning system.

air conditioning installation


They are easy to install

The split systems are quite easy to install. Unlike their ducted counterparts that require to roof and floor work for the passage of ducts, most split systems are wall mounted. This means they only need a simple wall drill for attachment and they are ready. The ease of installation significantly reduces the initial investment associated with the cooling and heating system installation in Perth that hinders most households from embracing the HVAC technology.

Split systems are easy to control

HVAC installation might come as a relief to your household, but you won’t enjoy it if you can’t regulate it comfortably. How do you enjoy it if you have to keep walking to a control unit every time you have to adjust the room temperatures? This is however not the case with the split system conditioners that have are primarily remote controlled.

They offer you the convenience of raising and lowering the temperatures from the comfort of your seat or bed. These remotes are also elaborately designed and easy to use.

They offer convenience through technology

Of all the heating and cooling systems currently available, split systems have the highest levels of technology embracement. These systems are gradually being fitted with the smart home technology features that allow control over internet connections. Did you forget to switch off the system in the morning? That doesn’t have to wear you out for the day as you can now switch the heating system on and off from the office.

Most of these are also programmable. You, therefore, can set the system to turn on and off at specific times of the day, especially in the morning or evening. While the central cooling systems have tried adapting to the technological advancements, they aren’t close to reaching the level of sophistication applied to the current split systems.

air conditioning installation


Zoning capabilities

The split systems air conditioners draw their name from their ability to split different parts of household and thermo-regulate them accordingly. Unlike the central systems that maintain balanced temperatures throughout the house, the split systems take everybody’s needs into consideration by allowing them a chance to regulate the temperatures in their different rooms.

Additionally, the split system zoning capabilities help reduce energy consumption. With the split system, you can switch off the system to the unoccupied part of the house thereby saving on energy waste.


You want to save on energy with a system that is also technologically advanced to guarantee zoning capabilities. Then you only need a split system air conditioning installation in your home. You will not only benefit from all this convenience but also from the affordability it accords you with the relatively inexpensive installation.