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All You Should Know About Gas Heater Servicing

In our home, there are different types of the gas appliance which needs a regular checkup as well as maintenance. These regular check-ups keep our home safe and prevent any form of untoward incidents at home. Most of the domestic accidents at home from gas appliances happen from our own negligence. Sometimes, we tend to ignore the periodic maintenance and step voluntarily towards the bigger dangers. Regular maintenance not only keeps the probable dangers away but also maintain the functionality of the gas appliances.

One such gas the appliance is a gas heater, which needs proper servicing. Gas heater servicing will make the equipment much safer to be used. As a practice, gas heater servicing is a required activity once a year. However, the periodic gas heater servicing schedule is generally recommended by the manufacturer, and it depends on the consumer to adhere to the schedule or not. Gas heater servicing at the correct time can help in preventing the emission of carbon monoxide. Certainly, it saves the gas as well, which in turn saves the money of the consumer. So, gas heater servicing at the correct time, not only facilitates safer usage but also saves money.

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Gas heater servicing is done by an expert, who inspects the equipment and clean it accordingly. We have authorized service technicians available who can do gas heater servicing properly and are only a call away. While doing gas heater servicing, our technicians ensure safer operation of the equipment, minimizing any form of downtime, and at the same time extending the life of the equipment. While you call a technician for gas heater servicing, you have to make sure that the technician is qualified enough to do this job. An unqualified technician can simply spoil the equipment. So, this would mean that the technician has received proper training for gas heater servicing, and he has the license for the same. On a lighter note, never try to do gas heater servicing yourself for the simple reason, that you are not trained to do this.

Just like your vehicle, your gas heater will have the service schedule mentioned in the manual. Generally, the recommendation will be to service at least once a year for the first year, and the recommended is every six months. The recommendation might differ from one manufacturer to other, and it also depends on the model & make of the device. Obviously, if the device is under warranty, then the gas heater servicing will be done by a factory trained technician. But if not, then give us a call so that we can send a qualified gas fitter for gas heater servicing. As a consumer, always look for the warning signs. There will some key warnings, which as an owner should be never ignored. Whenever these warnings are spotted, it means that gas heater servicing is required.

Some of the key warnings are:

  • Yellow Flame
  • Red Flame
  • Formation of brown soot around the appliance.
  • Regular gas leakages.
  • Irritation in eyes while the appliance is functional.
  • Doing gas servicing after getting a cue from the warning signs will keep the indoors safe and increase the longevity of the device.