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Benefits of the ducted heating system

A ducted heated has been designed to supply heat to your room especially when it is cold. The ducted heater can be installed at any point of your home and allows you to supply heat to the specific rooms which makes it more comfortable to stay in. on top of that, the ducted heating system can allow you to enjoy free air around the room. Ducted heaters are more suitable for persons suffering from asthma or those with allergies. It provides a heat that is less irritating and conducive for living rooms.

The wood heaters usually provide heat that is drier and makes the room to be dusty which may lead to allergies.

Components of a ducted heating system

  • Has a central heating system that is connected to other outlets.
  • Thermostat.
  • Ducts used to carry air from the heater
  • Vents. This is used to carry the warm air to the particular rooms intended.
  • Control panel that has been programmed for controlling the temperature in the unit and the airflow.

How it works

The hot air that has been produced from the gas heater or air conditioner is pushed through ducted pipes to the intended rooms. Thermostats are used to control the temperature levels inside the house and remains at constant levels. The controller allows you to set the time that you want it to run and the locations you want to supply heat to. Ducted gas heaters can be installed anywhere but most preferably on the ceiling, on top of the roof or outside the house.

Benefits of the ducted heating system

A ducted heating system will benefit you a lot especially during winter and other cold seasons. It can be controlled easily to supply heat to your living room. The system is suitable for individuals suffering from allergies of every kind.it does this by filtering air which keeps away any dust or dirt. The system can be set using the timers so that it gives you heat at particular times. For instance, when you are about to go out in the morning and at night the moment you arrive from your workplace.

Signs that your heating service needs to be repaired

  • The buildup of dust and mound on your system.
  • Blowing of air is weaker than it should be.
  • When the system blows cold air when the setting is at the temperature for warm air.
  • Air ducts and the system piping regularly become hot.
  • Louder noises when the system is being used.
  • The smell of carbon monoxide as the system operates.

Immediately you start identifying the mentioned flaws in your system do not hesitate to call a support team to come and investigate your ducted heating system and repair it. Abandoned ducted heating systems usually affect the health of those within the living room. They may cause allergies such as wheezing, coughing and even irritations of the skin due to dust particles that disposed of the system. It may also lead to respiratory illnesses such as asthma and other risky conditions. Carbon monoxide which is leaked on a damaged ducted system may lead to severe health problems including heart disease.

Inspection of a ducted heating system

  • General unit performance inspection and airflow.
  • Test of the burner and ignition button.
  • Test on gas pressure.
  • A check on carbon monoxide levels.
  • Cleaning filters. Cleaning of the burner and its components.


It is clear that a ducted heating system is one of the main appliances that you should purchase and install for your home. It makes life comfortable by supplying heat to the intended rooms especially during cold days. However, you should monitor any sudden changes in your system which calls for repair. Ducted heating systems are a suitable choice for heating your house.