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A person’s home is his sanctuary. It is his safe place, his domain and his kingdom. It is where people come to rest at the end of the day, and build their lives with families. Therefore, it is understandable to want to improve one’s home, to make it a place of pride and peace.

However, the word home improvement is often followed by the adjectives, too expensive or too much or even, unnecessary. It often brings forth images of sledge hammers smashing and bringing down walls, or tractors flattening the very drab yard in front of a wash out home.

Nowadays though, home improvement need not be expensive, too much or god forbid, unnecessary. Home improvement has improved a lot in years with the advent of smart homeowners who have taken it upon their own hands to research and do their own home improvement, more often than not, on a budget.

Do It Yourself projects are all over the internet. From creating one’s own curtains to crafting one’s own pattern for a wallpaper instead of buying one from the store for an extra 20 bucks. There are also DIY baskets for laundry and DIY book organizers. Not only do these projects cut down costs but it also gives room for creativity and bonding time between the inhabitants of the home. And like the saying says, not all houses are homes, these projects help in developing the home.

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Nevertheless, there are some aspects in home improvement that are often forgotten or not prioritized. While beautifying one’s home is a good endeavor, forgetting the basic needs of a home is a big no-no. Home improvement, after all, must begin in home maintenance. If maintenance is lacking, a homeowner may find himself with nothing to improve in the first place.

This includes making sure that structures and furniture are strong and well-maintained. This also includes making sure that the fire alarm is functioning and the gas stove is safe and away from children. This is taking precautions to avoid accidents. However, this also includes making sure that what makes the home comfortable is not being sacrificed or neglected. This, on the other hand, includes how the light comes in the house and how temperature is regulated especially for homes in places with different seasons throughout the year.

Improving and maintaining a home’s air conditioning system falls under both of these categories. Not only does the air conditioner monitor and control the temperature inside the rooms or even the whole house, it also affects the level of comfort of the people living inside the house. To improve your home by improving your air conditioning system, here are some examples to follow.

Firstly, clean the air conditioning vent regularly. This vent acquires dust that clogs the system as time goes by, and when the system is clogged, the less cost and energy-efficient an air conditioner becomes. Secondly, maintain the air conditioner itself. The best practice here is to have it cleaned and checked up once a year, or else, a homeowner might find themselves buying a new one before two years is up.

In the end, home improvement starts with home maintenance. These two are closely tied together as exemplified by improving, maintaining and maximizing a home’s air conditioner.