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How Long Will My Air Conditioning Unit Last

An air conditioning unit is designed to keep your home comfortable by creating a cool environment. It is a necessity for us especially during hot and humid summer days when all we can think of is how to keep ourselves relaxed and stress-free. A new ACU is expected to deliver optimal results of coolness and comfort within a good number of years.

However, as time goes by, we begin to feel that our ACU is not working well anymore. This is when we think of many more years will our air conditioning unit last. Ideally, the lifespan of an ACU is 10 to 15 years, provided we give proper care and maintenance to it.

The average lifespan of 15 years depends on the usage time of your unit. Most ACUs start to decline after the 10th year. The older the unit, the more burdensome it may get. Whether we like it or not, we cannot prevent our ACU from ageing.

The age of the equipment is the major factor why these issues arise. As your air conditioning unit may not function well, efficiency and usefulness are compromised. Obvious examples are indoor temperature is not as cool as before, moulds and mildew become evident, odours emanate from the unit and others. If these happen, frequent air conditioner service becomes prevalent.

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In addition, there are also issues on energy use, electricity costs may go up. If you see a steady increase in monthly utility bills even though your electricity needs have not changed, then maybe it’s time to check on your air conditioning unit. It may be reaching the end of its serviceable life. Older air conditioning models also have higher energy costs than the modern ones.

Having our air conditioning unit inspected by a competent air conditioner service will give us ideas to decide properly. He may provide solutions to our ACU-such as replacement of some parts, tuning up or general cleaning- that may improve its performance. He may also suggest a replacement of the unit if he thinks that the cost will far outweigh the benefits you derive from it.

For my part, I called on my friendly technician to check on my 10-year old air conditioning unit that suddenly turned off in the middle of the night. The next day, he arrived pronto at the appointed date and hour, and in no time inspected by the unit. It became clear to me that my unit is giving me more headaches than making my place cool. His suggestion was for me to buy a new unit than to have it repaired. He gave me the comparison of costs between buying and repairing my existing ACU. After careful consideration, I decided to purchase new equipment.

It’s as easy as that. My new ACU arrived promptly at my doorstep, along with air conditioner service personnel who did a great job in installing it. Fast and reliable, should I say.

Having a new air conditioning unit may have been a little costly on my part, but I guess it’s worth it than having problems on your old unit. For Samsung air conditioner service or repair, call the expert.