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How Much Does Ducted Gas Heating Cost?

One of the easiest and simplest way of keeping your home warm and comfortable is by using ducted gas heating. But how much does ducted gas heating cost? Let’s find out.

Installation Cost

Cost of a ducted gas heating system consists of two parts. The first is the cost of the unit and the second is the cost of the installation. While the price of the units is almost fixed irrespective of the brand and the size, the installation cost is what can make a difference here. The price of the unit varies from a little over 1500$ to somewhere around 3500$. This broad range accommodates all kinds of the unit right from the low efficient small 2 room unit to the big, high efficient units.

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The installation cost can be further broken down into the cost of material and the cost of labor. These costs vary highly and cannot be estimated as easily as the cost of the unit. The variation arises since the length of the duct and the complexity of the installation varies from one household to another. A few factors that contribute to the ducted gas heating cost include the size of the home, height of the roof, a turnaround of the project and the kind of unit you want to fit in. All these factors force the contractor to see the area in person and then give an estimate of the cost.

Running Cost

Amazingly, even the most inefficient gas heating system is more effective and budget-friendly than the other systems of keeping the home warm. In fact, the ducted gas heating cost is minimum when it comes to calculating running costs. To lower the costs further, it is advisable to invest in a high-efficiency ducted heating system which can reduce the cost by 200$ per year.

Maintenance Cost

While it is a good idea to get the complete ducted system serviced just before the winter season begins, it is fine even if you get it serviced every 18 months. Servicing increases the life and efficiency of the whole system and saves you money in the long run. A decent serviceman would charge around 200$ for servicing the complete heated air duct system. However, the costs can vary a bit depending on the region of your residence and time of the year. To lower the cost, you can opt for membership deals which are provided by several companies around the country.

Repair Cost

The ducted gas heating cost reduces further when you take into consideration the repairing cost of home heating systems. Not only do these systems last long and do not break down easily, even if they do, these systems have the lowest repairing cost. Repair cost, like installation cost, depends on the material required for the repair and labor that will go into it. Labor further depends on the part being repaired. This makes repair cost a very variable amount which cannot be quoted unless and until the contractor examines the complete system.


Even after taking all four factors into consideration, the ducted gas heating cost is lower than most of the conventional and modern home warming systems. With proper care and by employing the right parts, the cost can further be reduced by several hundred making this system reliable, efficient and economical.