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A Quick Introduction to Portable Air Conditioners

You probably know about wall-mounted air conditioners and central air conditioning, but have you ever come across portable air conditioners?

The portable air conditioner is a trendy home appliance that has seen a bit of its popularity rise lately, and it’s a trend that probably won’t let up anytime soon, especially once the scorching days of the summer season comes upon us. When the possibility of experiencing heat exhaustion or worse, a heat stroke feels all too real, the portable air conditioner comes to the rescue.

But what exactly is a portable air conditioner? To get low-down on this trendy home appliance, read on to learn more.

Portable Air Conditioners: An Overview

As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner is a unique cooling solution that is self-contained and can, therefore, be moved around to cool different spaces, one at a time.

The portable air conditioner usually has the capacity to cool single rooms and can be placed on the floor anywhere in the space of the room you want to cool. It can easily be set up to start working almost immediately upon purchase.

To add to its mobility, a lot of portable air conditioner models have wheels installed for easier transport from room to room.

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Why Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner?

Whether or not a portable air conditioner is ideal for your home depends on your cooling requirements and living situation.

If you live in a modest condominium or apartment with limited floor space, or if you live in a house with multiple small rooms, the portable air conditioner might be a quick and hassle-free cooling solution you can choose to battle the heat of the summer with.

Additionally, if you live in an area that only requires an air conditioner during the peak of the summer season, you might not need to commit to a traditional air conditioner and opt for a portable one.  

One of the best things about a portable air conditioner is that it doesn’t require commitment the way a traditional air conditioner does. It requires little to no setup required upon purchase, so you’ll be saving on the air conditioner installation fees you’ll usually have to shell out extra for when it comes to buying a conventional air conditioner.

Why Shouldn’t Your Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner?

If you are looking to cool a rather large space in your home, a portable air conditioner is probably not an ideal option for you.

Additionally, if you live in an area where it is usually warm year-round, it might be a better option to invest in a more traditional air conditioner since you will most likely be using it throughout the year, instead of just during the summer months.

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If you’re particularly concerned about clutter in your living space, a sizable home appliance like a portable air conditioner sitting in your living room might be an eyesore you wouldn’t want to live with. In which case, it would be better to opt for a wall-mounted air conditioner with a minimalist design that can allow it to blend with the walls, or central air conditioning.