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Save Up On Air Conditioning Installation Using These Insights

Cooling and heating costs account for a bulk of a home’s power spending. When temperatures soar every homeowner yearns for the much-needed cooling comfort indoors. For homes that do not already have them, ¬†getting air conditioning installation is the solution.

The homeowner getting split air conditioning installation for the first time or as a replacement realizes that it is costly. Getting the right cooling system contractor to install your air conditioner is the first step in cutting costs. Here are some of the other ways to save up on cooling installation.

air conditioning repair

1. Cooling System Load Calculations

You want to get the right cooling system sized correctly for your home. It means getting the right load calculations. One of the reasons why you need an air con contractor handling your new system installation is because of the load calculation requirements.

The calculations determine the best central air con unit size for your home. These calculations use elements including the shape, size, orientation, and climate of your home. Your home’s square footage also factors into the calculations. The Manual J acts as a point of reference when coming up with these estimates. However, the calculations take two approaches including the whole house and room-by-room calculation.

The “whole house” method comes up with a load calculation for cooling down your entire house. The room-by-room model determines individual room cooling needs and the corresponding duct sizes.

2. Get An Air Conditioning System With A SEER 13 Rating and Above

The SEER calculations measure the amount of cooling a unit provides against its electric input. Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings prove to function more efficiently. From 2006 the minimum SEER rating that cooling systems in the U.S. should meet was set at SEER 13.

Getting an air con system with a SEER 13 and above grade installed guarantees efficiency. These systems increase cooling efficiency by up to 30 per cent.

3. Work On Your Home Insulation

Your home should be properly insulated to enhance cooling efficiency further. Homes with poor insulation suffer from a high level of cooling loss translating to increased utility costs.

It makes sense to work on your home’s insulation before an air conditioner installation to cut back on cooling expenses in the long run.

4. Saving On The Actual Air Conditioning Installation Costs

Once you find the right cooling system suited to your home the next important consideration is the cost of installation. It contributes to a significant amount of the installation cost, and you need professional services.

Cooling contractors require proper certification and licensing from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Some refrigerants use Freon, a known harmful chemical, that requires proper handling. The contractor often comes with an assistant or assistants depending on the scale of the job.

The other factors to consider is that the contractor will charge you for the materials used for the air conditioning installation process. Ask about tax breaks issued by some states on energy-efficient air conditioning repair. Also, explore the option of cutting back on costs by purchasing the air con system yourself or using existing ducting systems within your home.

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