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Window Air Conditioner Repair Tips

A window type air conditioner is definitely not the sexiest and most advanced air conditioning technology that’s available out there, but it’s definitely a reliable and affordable one. You can easily get a window type air conditioner online or at your neighbourhood appliance store in a price point that is within your budget and installs it yourself in a few easy steps. It’s amazing, the amount of comfort it can provide you and the other inhabitants of your home on a hot summer day.

But like other home appliances, a window type air conditioner can break down and conk out on you too. Thankfully, window air conditioner repair is as simple as installation. You can easily troubleshoot what could be wrong with your air conditioner in a few easy steps.

Of course, some air conditioner problems may be beyond your skill and will require the skills of air conditioning professional. If you’ve exhausted the tips below and still haven’t been able to make your air conditioner work, it’s time to leave the window air conditioning repair to the experts. But for starters, here are a few simple steps to troubleshoot your window type air conditioner.

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What to Do if Your Window Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool

  1. Unplug your air conditioner from the socket. Carefully remove the unit from the wall or window where it is installed. If you are dealing with a particularly sizable air conditioner, it would be ideal to get some help. Place the air conditioning unit in your work area, ideally outdoors or in your garage.
  2. It’s time to take the window air conditioner apart, beginning with removing the grill and the air filter of your unit. Usually, these are fastened into the unit with screws, so make sure you have your set of screwdrivers ready for use on this.
  3. Inspect the grill and the filter. Are they particularly dirty or clogged up with dust and other particles? If so, set them aside and clean them thoroughly. Afterwards, leave them to dry. However, if your filter is dirty beyond cleaning and perhaps severely damaged by wear and tear, it would be a better idea to purchase a replacement instead. A filter should be readily available online or in your neighbourhood appliance store and should be at a reasonable price.
  4. Turn your attention away from the filter and the grill and instead on the fins of the air conditioner’s coils. With a vacuum, carefully clean these parts of the air conditioner, making sure you do not damage them.
  5. Making sure that you do not wet the wiring and the motor of the air conditioning unit (you can cover these parts with plastic when you do this step), spray some water on the fins.
  6. Tidy up and make sure the unit is clean and dry with a rag. Do not put back the different parts of the air conditioner until they are all dry. Otherwise, you run the risk of growing mould in the unit if there is increased moisture inside it.
  7. You should also consider lubricating the parts of the air conditioner that need it, such as the motor. Be sure to check the owner’s manual as a reference before you do this.
  8. Carefully put the parts of the air conditioner back together and install it in its spot on your wall or window.

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